Solar Water Pumping System Design and Installations

Solar Water Pumping System Design and Installations

New-Tech Engineering have specialize engineers for your design and installation of solar powered water pumping systems. These systems are best suited for stock water or irrigation storage supply. Using well known and industry brands, our engineers will ensure you can get any flow, any pressure anywhere!

New-Tech Engineering has the solar pumping systems to cater for your needs, using the latest borehole submersible pump technology and series of photovoltaic panel to capture the sun energy.

Key Solar Water Pump Features and Benefits
- Our submersible pumps can either be placed in a pre-drilled bore hole, stream, dam or large water tank
- Surface mounted options can draw from a tank river or dam wherever needed.
- Pressure up to 280 meter head (around 400psi)
- Flows up to 450 litres/minute
- Power input range from 600watt to 220watt
- Inbuilt safety features to protect equipment including;
          • Dry run
          • Motor Overload
          • Lighting protection

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