Server Room Inverter Uninterruptible Power Supplies

Server Room Inverter Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) Design and Installation

New-Tech Engineering offers a wide range of server room UPS solutions to protect critical IT equipment and infrastructure in the event of a power failure.

Power outages can have devastating effects on both your IT hardware and the data stored upon it. A good UPS solution can provide your organization with protection against such outages. In the event of a power outage the following steps are triggered to protect your organization and its infrastructure.

During normal operation, the UPS takes the incoming mains, converts it to DC power via the Rectifier and keeps its batteries charged. The UPS then converts the DC power back to AC via the Inverter and feeds this out to your equipment. The UPS clean and smooth the power as it converts, so the supply going to your equipment is clean, perfectly formed and free from noise.

Upon a mains failure, the UPS essentially continues to operate as normal except there are no mains to charge the batteries, so the batteries discharge. This continues to provide you with the same smooth and clean power until either the mains is restored or the batteries fully discharge. By the time the batteries are fully discharged the UPS automated software would have shut your equipment down gracefully, or you would have shut the equipment down yourself manually, thus preventing any losses and damage to hardware.

New-Tech Engineering supplies a wide range of power protection solutions and can supply a one-off UPS system or design, install and commission a complete power protection package including the uninterruptible power supply, power distribution units, server room battery backup systems and standby power generator. We also provide a complete 24/7 UPS maintenance and support service with a range of UPS maintenance contracts, emergency call-out and preventative maintenance visits.

New-Tech Engineering offers superior value in each of its power backup products and installations. We import, supply, install and service Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS’s) from 1kVA to 650kVA.

New-Tech Engineering is the best Medium-to-Large Enterprise & Home Power Backup provider in Freetown. We supply and support a complete range of UPS, inverters and batteries. Contact Us now.

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