Boreholes Drilling and Construction Services

One of New-Tech Engineering most commonly delivered engineering services is the installation of water boreholes for commercial and domestic use.

We drill for public water supply companies, water bottlers and brewers. We serve farmers for crop irrigation and general water supplies, as well as hospitals, schools and domestic private water supplies.
The benefits of having your personal water supply include: independence from your local water company, hosepipe bans become a thing of the past, no water meters or increasing water bills, pure water that’s free from chlorine and fluoride, the same water pressure as the mains supply, help conserve the nation’s mains water reserves, unobtrusive, reliable, easy to maintain and add value to domestic or commercial property.

We also pride ourselves of vast experience in the building industry where we have constructed both high-rise and low-rise residential buildings, commercial buildings and also institutional buildings.
Construction Project Management
We also offers a wide range of project management services which include but not limited to construction project planning & management, contract management, construction project supervisions and site inspections. We have built our reputation by performing the highest quality works to all industries from small to large scale projects. Today, we are recognized as a reliable contractor for the driven-knowledge and highly responsible in the assigned duties by our clients.

Utility Services
Our utility services are solutions to a long standing problem of poor and inefficient workmanship. We believe that most Sierra Leonean have experienced the problem of poor service delivery or bad workmanship. This often left the client with no option but to source for another service provider, hoping this one will be different.
Our Utility services are as follows;
- Air-Conditioning and Heating Services
- Plumbing Services
- Electrical Design and wiring services
- Joinery and Carpentry Services
- Steel work and Welding Services
- Deco and painting services
- Sanitation Service

Our Goal is to provide our clients with the assurance, confidence and trust in getting what they paid for. Our payment method is post paid meaning, client can only make or effect payments after they are satisfy with our work. We want our clients to focus on providing us the money, whilst we worry about delivering them quality services. Contact Us now.

New Tech Engineering