GOAL Sierra Leone

Mr. Philip I Vandy
Mobile: +23279237403
Email: pivandy@sl.goal.ie

Logistic Manager

GOAL EBOVAC Clinical Trials Research Projects

82 Kukuna Road Kambia, Sierra Leone.


Since 2020 when I joined the EBOVAC/PREVAC UP consortium we have been using the services of New-Tech Engineering. So far, we have received timely, efficient and proactive service from them. Often, we call them at short notice in a remote Kambia site from Freetown and within 3 hours, they are here to resolve any issue.

During contract period, New-Tech Engineering display excellent communication, clarity and follow ups.
They always meet all specifications established as agreed in their contract reference. New-Tech has always beaten deadlines. We are very satisfied with the service received so far. We’ve never encountered any problem with implementation of contract. If anything, New-Tech has been very flexible to meet our demands.

On a scale of 1-5, I will give them 5 for reliability, 5 for quality of service and 5 for Lead time, 5 for attitude toward customers service and complain and 5 for company overall performance.

We are satisfied with New-Tech Engineering services and will recommend them to any organisation. We have actually signed a Framework agreement with them for twenty four months to carry out quarterly servicing and maintenance of our solar power system in three locations in Kambia.