Handicap International

Mr. Juma Kamara

Technical Specialist

Handicap International

Freetown, Sierra Leone


We’ve been using New-Tech Engineering as a Service Provider for solar installation since 2018 to date. They provided us with an excellent and viable service. New-Tech Engineering maintains effective communication with our institution during contractual period.
They are open to suggestions and always ready to attend to queries. New-Tech Engineering at a particular location did a community animation by supporting the community with a solar installation system which was never part of the contract.

They are efficient in service delivery, which always come from collaboration and planning with its employer. There was an instance when they ran out of cable due to slight adaptation which was the only option available to get the installation done on time.

That notwithstanding the company bears the cost and gets the work done. On a scale of 1-5, I will give them 5 for reliability, 5 for quality of service and 5 for Lead time, 5 for attitude toward customers service and complain and 5 for company overall performance. We are satisfied with their services and have contracted them on two different occasions since 2018 and would recommend their services to anyone in need of them.