Solar Photovoltaic Design and Installations

Solar Photovoltaic Design and Installations

Our solar PV system design experts turn your ideas into reality, with first-class energy technology design. We help our clients determine their power needs and provide them the best power solutions to their power needs. New-Tech Engineering doesn’t just sell solar power systems; we make sure each system well sell serves it purpose.

Our Power Solutions Includes;

Domestic scale solar power solutions: Ideal for small or medium household and business that are within or outside the national grid area. This power solution is recommended for grid connected areas that are experiencing load shedding and off-grid underserved communities. This system is designed according to the power requirement of the client and is protected even against the client/beneficiary mistakes.

Industrial scale solar power solutions: Ideal for big institutions looking for a way to reduce their electricity bills, dependence on fossil fuel power generators and carbon foot print. This power solution will increase institutions profit, by reducing the cost incurred in providing energy. Knowing well that major institutional or business activities takes place around 7am to 6pm, New-Tech Engineering has the best power option to serve your institution for the next twenty(20) years without incurring any major maintenance cost.
We have very friendly payment options available for interested parties. Contact us

Pay-as-you-go (PAYG) solar power solutions: New-Tech Engineering Sierra Leone (SL) Limited (Ltd) idea to design and install pay-as-you-go (PAYG) solar energy system is thought of to be good for potential low and middle income customers and the environment at large. One method for reducing the energy burden of low-income households is the PAYG model, which allows customers to pay in installments to access electricity. An upfront monthly token of three (3) months is what you need in order for you to get the system installed at your home or business place.
Understanding the economic condition of Sierra Leone, it is no secret that the average Sierra Leonean home is struggling to make ends meet and can’t afford the luxury of having solar energy system installed at their homes or businesses. The people that are in dire need of solar energy system can’t afford the huge investment cost attached to it, whiles those that can afford it don’t see the need for it because, they are living in the city and have access to electricity.
New-Tech Engineering SL Ltd presents the market with reliable, cost effective and convenient solar solution for households, small and medium enterprises experiencing limited or no access to electricity.

Our PAYG solar energy solution is also geared towards alleviating the heavy burden of paying high electricity bills to the national grid in areas that have access to electricity. New-Tech Engineering SL Ltd focus on solutions to the present high cost associated with accessing electricity by the general masses and reduction of our nation carbon footprint by cutting off or limiting the use for fossil fuel power generators.
However, our clients must meet certain criterions to qualify them as beneficiary for this power solution. Our PAYG Model can be adapted for both our domestic and industrial power solutions. Contact Us now and talk to our engineers for details.

Qualification Criterions for Our PAYG power solution
- Clients must own or lease the premise for more than ten years, where the system is to be installed
- Clients must be engaged in economic activity to be able to afford the monthly token to keep the system functioning.
- Clients must be willing and able to make an upfront payment for three monthly tokens
- Clients must be willing to start an account (Current/Savings) with our preferred or recommended banking institution.
- Clients must agree to our terms and conditions

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